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Lorena Isabell was born in Santiago, Chile on September 18, 1970 and was baptized under the name of Lorena Isabel Guzmán Vargas.

From a very young age Lorena showed a great interest in music, causing her to teach herself guitar that years later she was able to translate to other Latino American string instruments such as the Cuatro and tiple.

As a teenager, during high school and college she actively participated in numerous singing competitions and concerts performing at folk clubs, schools and neighborhood events.

In 1990 she had the opportunity to be part of the academy of the Chilean Folkloric Ballet BAFOCHI introducing her to the purely folkloric world of Chilean music.

During this period she was immersed in a cultural environment of social music called new song and new Chilean song that had been brewing since the 1960s. This music gained momentum and increased popularity in the country as well as abroad during the military government from 1973-1988.

Her background in folkloric music fused with classical music and Jazz came about based on the varied musical friendships formed during that period.

Early during her internship (1994) at the Productora providencia (Chile) y DG Medios y Espectáculos (Chile), Lorena worked in the press department where she had the opportunity to work with groups and musicians of national and international renown such as Raúl Di Blasio, Los Pericos, Illapu, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Aerosmith , Rolling Stone, Megadeth, Cindy Lauper, Café Tacuba and Pet Shop Boys among many others.

In late 1994, Lorena traveled to San Diego, CA USA with her first husband and father of her two daughters.

Lorena is very well recognized in the environment of the Latin Bohemian music in San Diego earning the love and admiration of musicians in collaborative projects as well as a loyal following of fans that have been attracted to her emotional and heart felt performances for the last 25 years.

Lorena’s most successful collaborations has been with the debut of the song "Hoy" 18 years ago in a co-production in Hollywood Mexico of the American movie "The Price of Glory".

This same song has been newly arranged and produced again in Lorena’s current album release titled HOY.

Lorena has resided in San Diego, CA for the past 24 years living with her husband and three children.





Lorena Isabell has masterfully captured the essence of the Bolero, Bossa Nova, Joropo-fusion as well as the traditional and contemporary Latin ballad. This project takes you on a stylish journey through a musically rich and nostalgic Latin American world dating back to the 1940's. The lush and beautiful orchestrations are the vessel that propels you straight into the heart of each iconic composer of every song included in this collection. The uniquely haunting and emotional voice of Lorena guides you through an unforgettable musical experience bound to make you stop the mundane and, enter into a safe world of joy and affection as you listen for a brief moment in time.

Vocals, Guitar / Lorena Isabell
Producer/ Allan Phillips Music


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Lorena Isabell presents an amazing repertory that will include music from the album hoy and more surprises. She will be performing with the AP AllStars Orchestra.


Lorena Isabell, Latin Bolero Vocalist

with ap allstars orchestra

$45 General Admission (Students $20)

Gliding over a lush 18 piece orchestra (arranged & directed by Allan Phillips), haunting Chilean vocalist Lorena Isabell fuses bolero, classical music, jazz, & folk to create an unforgettable musical taste of Latin Bohemia


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