A Thank You Note From Lorena Isabell


 To my dear friends and fans, it has been one week since the premier concert. I couldn’t be more grateful and filled with joy by the posts, reposts and shares of the concert. I cannot stop acknowledging all of the beautiful comments and sharing of this unforgettable production that we were able to accomplish with our team, the press coverage and all of our fans’ presence. I have read every single comment and am forever grateful for the feedback and support. For those who know what it means to bring a production to this level and wonder about the visual and musical performance, I’d like to acknowledge all those involved starting from day one of the production of the album HOY. 

I’d like to thank Juan Morones for being a great friend and composer who referred me to one of the greatest virtuoso producer/composer/arrangers I have ever met - Allan Phillips of APM Studio. Our team headed up by Halo CEO and executive producer Joseph A. Henseler, master mixing and recording engineer Alan Sanderson of Pacific Beat Studios – thanks for the good vibes. 

I have to thank the composers of the original tracks on the album Juan Morones and Julio De La Huerta, and to all the composers of the cover songs that are available in the universe. For the work of all the visual arts and marketing I thank Gil Ruiz of Andycreative for his determination, open mind and talent. As well Bianca Barreto of Madame Creativa for her creativity and hard work. Felipe Barral of Igni Production for the production of the documentaries and copyediting. I am extremely grateful for all forms of the press and media exposure obtained by Laura Castaneda of Press Pass International as well as Lourdes Chavez. KPBS 89.5, Radio Diego 99.3, San Diego Reader, Union Tribune, Sol de Tijuana, Channel 12 XEWT, Univision and KUSI. 

A special thanks to Ellen Beck, Director of the UCSD student run free clinic project for underserved Latino families. 

I want to thank Music Box for hosting and assisting us to deliver our event performed by all of the super talented musicians, technicians and visual artists: 

MD/Keys/musical arrangement/production: Allan Phillips 

Bass: Nathan Brown Guitar 

Guitar: Evan Marks 

Drums: Ricardo ‘Tiki’ Pasillas 

Percussion: Tommy Aros 

Trumpet: Derek Cannon 

Saxes, Flute and Clarinet: Robert Campbell 

Trombone: Jordan Morita 

Violin: Marta Z 

Violin: Batya MacAdam-Sommer 

Violin: Amy Serrano Burcombe 

Viola: Regina Brown 

Cello:Erdis Maxhelaku 

Guitar: Julio De la Huerta 

Cuatro, guitar & charango: Lucas Johnson 

Bombo: Javier Beltran 

Quena: Francisco Astudillo 

Guitar, tiple, piano: Carlos Velazco 

Violin: Jamie Shadowlight 

Sound: Chris Hobson Lighting Design: Ivan Guzman Stage management: Kevin Moraine Make-up: Norma Figueroa Hair stylist: April Schimke Mistress of Ceremonies: Paola Hernandez Jiao 

Thank you all for being a part of this initial production. There is much more to come.